Volunteer for Bike to Campus Day

Do you have a few hours to promote biking at UC Berkeley during the first few weeks of the fall semester?

On Friday, September 9 2011 UC Berkeley will be celebrating its first Bike to Campus Day, organized by the Campus Bike Initiative and made real by your participation. It will be wheel-y cool.

Click this link to sign up online! We need your help at any of the following times:

– Thursday August 26th: tabling at Calapalooza to publicize Bike to Campus Day (fun)

-Thurs. Sept. 1: Tabling at Urban Outfitters (this is really fun too)

– September 5th- September 8th: flyering bicycles (extra fun)

– September 9th – MORNING WARRIORS: 7:30-10am Energizer Stations (possibly the most fun. Greet people on bikes and give them a CLIF bar)

– September 9th- AFTERNOON SAMURAI: 3-4pm & 8-9pm Bike Fair set-up and take-down (actually, maybe this will be the most fun. see the behind-the-scenes of the Bike Fair)

To get in touch, email our AWESOME Bike to Campus Day Intern, Claire Porter: claire (dot) erialc (dot) claire (at) gmail (dot) com.


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