Remember how much fun it was to ride a bike as a kid? We here at the Campus Bike Initiative think biking is a great way to escape the traffic jams and reduce your carbon footprint. It puts a smile on our face in the morning, and re-invigorates after a long day in the cubicle, at the lab or in the classroom! Still, lot of us live within 5 miles (cycling distance!) of campus and still feel uncomfortable, intimidated or maybe just unsure about getting on our bike.

The Campus Bike Initiative is here to help. Check out our resources, come to a workshop, drop by BicyCal (the student bicycle cooperative) or talk to a bike ambassador in your department. We’re also putting on the first-ever Bike to Campus Day at UC Berkeley!

Our campaign to promote, support and celebrate bicycling for everyday transportation at UC Berkeley is generously funded by a 2011 grant from The Green Fund Initiative . The Campus Bike Initiative was initially proposed by members of the Campus Bicycle Committee and BicyCal, and is now a student-run organization composed of graduate and undergrad students, staff and faculty. You can contact us at: bike2cal <at> mail <dot> com.


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