Campus cyclists totally rock Bike To Work Day!

A bright and beautiful May day made for a busy morning at UC Berkeley’s Energizer Station. Students, faculty and staff stopped by to pick up swag bags, register their bikes with UCPD and get a quick bike tune-up from BicyCal‘s student bike mechanics. While many people were regular commuters, a cheer always came up when a cyclist announced she had made a special effort to bike to campus today. Congratulations!

This campus cyclist usually drives in from El Cerrito, but she made it on her bike today!

Unlike past years, Bike to Work Day took place while school was still in session. Early counts showed bikes sharing more than 50% of the traffic at Cal Energizer Station, at the intersection of Bancroft and Telegraph. Over 200 bikes rolled through the intersection every hour!

Many thanks to Billy Riggs, Campus Transportation Planner, for organizing yet another successful Bike to Work Day Energizer Station at Cal.

A busy morning at the Energizer Station.

The Berkeley Student Food Collective delivered coffee and a huge box of pastries to be devoured by campus cyclists.

All kind of funny bikes turned up, including this recumbent ridden by Phyllis from SafeTrec.

Mechanics from BicyCal, the student bike coop, helped cyclists adjust derailleurs, lubricate chains and even fix a couple flat tires!

Bike registration was a popular stop at the Energizer Station. Here a Campus Safety Officer notes down a bike serial number (usually found on the underside of your bike, stamped on the bottom bracket).

Rebecca Anderson from Bring Your Own Mug, also a TGIF project, gave out free stickers and peddled their insulated coffee mugs.

Campus cyclists rock!

See more pictures by clicking our albums below!

Cal Bike To Work Day 2012
Bike Registration at BTWD 2012
BicyCal at BTWD 2012

One response to “Campus cyclists totally rock Bike To Work Day!

  1. Ginger, You might be interested in the Bikes on Board program, since BART is a great way to extend the range of your bicycle. Here’s the link.

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