How to Buy a Bike Workshop

Need advice on how to buy a bike? Roll on down to the Berkeley Bike Station on February 18th at 2pm for their first free class:

How to Buy a Bike

Gearing up for Bike to Work Day? Thinking about commuting but not sure how to do it? Ready to swap your rusty steed for a trusty steed? Confused by sizing, fit, parts, makes, models, materials, styles, or just where to start?

Come on down and get impartial advice from people who have years of experience getting folks on the bikes of their dreams, but who don’t have a bike to sell you. We’ll help you narrow down what kind of bike you’re looking for, whether it makes sense to go new or used, and the questions that will make your decision easier.

We’ll provide information on events that can help you get the most out of your new ride. The class will be approximately an hour and a half long. 

2208 Shattuck Ave., 

Berkeley, CA (510) 548-7433


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