First Spring Meeting – Tues, 1/31, 6-7:30pm

Whether you bike to campus everyday, or just once in a while, cyclists are an ever increasing presence at UC Berkeley. The latest counts put us at 5000 strong! With these numbers, we have a unique opportunity to shape our campus as a model, bicycle friendly university.

How can you help?

The Campus Bicycle Initiative is a grassroots, bike advocacy organization. You are invited to to meet other cyclists and discuss your campus bike issues (e.g. parking, theft, safety, dating…whaa?) at our first meeting this spring:

What: Campus Bike Initiative General Meeting
When: Tuesday, Jan. 31st.
Time: 6-7:30pm
Location: Le Conte Hall, Room 111 (map here)

Bring your ideas to the meeting! Our current advocacy agenda and working group ideas include:
a. Bicycle theft awareness and curtailment
b. Creating a bicycle donation program and/or used bike sales for the campus
c. Improving bicyclist-pedestrian relations
d. Improving campus bike infrastructure (e.g. input to campus bike plan, parking, showers, access, bike routes)
e. Education/outreach (including Bike to Work Day)
f. Campus Bike Day
g. Coordination between campus bike groups (Bicycal, Citizen Cycles, Cal Cycling, Campus Bike Committee, etc.)
h. _______ fill in the blank!  ________

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday!


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